This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) sets forth terms and conditions for acceptable access to and use of the Reality Defender service (the “Service”) provided by the AI Foundation Nonprofit, an affiliate of the AI Foundation (both AI Foundation entities are collectively referred to herein as “AIF,” “we” or “us”) and supplements the Reality Defender Terms of Use. This AUP is not meant to be exhaustive, but sets forth examples of conduct deemed by AIF to be inappropriate, improper and/or harmful to the Service, AIF’s computer networks and systems, and our users and are therefore prohibited. The restrictions set forth in this AUP shall apply to all users of the Service. By accessing or using the Service, you agree and acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with this AUP. If you do not agree to this AUP, then do not use the Service. We reserve the right to modify this AUP from time to time in our sole discretion and without notice; such changes will take effect immediately upon the posting of such modified terms on this website. Accordingly, we recommend that you check this AUP periodically. Your continued access or use of the Service after the posting of such revised terms constitutes your agreement to comply with and to be bound by such revised terms. In the event of any conflict between this AUP and any other policy or agreement referenced herein, this AUP shall govern in the absence of specific language to the contrary in such policy or agreement.  

General Conduct; Additional Terms

You must access and use the Service for lawful purposes and in a manner consistent with the permitted use of the Service. Unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by AIF, you may not assign, transfer, distribute, resell, lease or otherwise provide access to the Service to any third party, or use the Service for the benefit of any third party. Users may only use the Service in accordance with this AUP, the Terms of Use at, the AIF Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement at and any other agreement that you may have with AIF. In addition, you agree and acknowledge that the Service is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and, accordingly, you agree to comply with the most current version of the AWS Acceptable Use Policy at  

Use your judgment, and let’s be kind to each other so we can keep creating great things. Please keep in mind that we can remove you from the platform at any time, as discussed in the Monitoring and Enforcement section below.
  You can find all the detailed fine print further down this page. More specifically, here is what we will not allow:

  1. Illegal or Wrongful Activities
  2. Disruption, Security Violations, or Network Abuse

Illegal or Wrongful Activities

It is not possible to identify all illegal and wrongful activities that would violate this AUP. However, we are providing examples of activities that will not be tolerated in connection with your use of the Service:

  • Use of the Service to commit a crime or in violation of any applicable law. Specifically, no media whatsoever depicting any nude minor (in full or in part) may be uploaded to the Service, whether or not such media has been categorized as “child pornography.”
    • Violation of the proprietary rights of any third party, including but not limited to rights of privacy and rights of publicity, misrepresentation of yourself or disguising the origin of any content or media for the purpose of “phishing” or “spoofing,” hacking of any kind, extortion, or stalking, etc.
  • Uploading content or media that infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, or any other type of intellectual property is not permitted.

Disruption, Security Violations, or Network Abuse

Any attempt to disrupt or violate our systems or the integrity of any network in any manner is prohibited. A “system” can include software applications, communications systems, data, and computing and network devices. AIF will not tolerate abuse of any system or network, including, but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized access of any AIF system or network without our express written permission, including, but not limited to, (i) attempting to scan, probe, or decipher server transmissions, (ii) monitoring data, (iii) attempting to reverse-engineer or hack the Service for purposes of circumventing any authentication or security measures, or (iv) breaching authentication systems or testing vulnerabilities on any network or systems within the Service.
    • Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may periodically permit you to conduct security-based assessments to help bolster the security of the Service.
  • Disabling, modifying or tampering with our systems or compromising the Service in any manner without explicit permission.
  • Attempting to overwhelm the infrastructure for the Service in any manner, including uploading an unreasonably large load to the Service that could consume extraordinary AIF resources. Activities such as the following are not permitted:
    • Usage of various automated systems to send massive number of requests via any method (eg. “spiders”, “robots,” etc.) to our servers that are more than any human could reasonably send in the same period of time.
    • Exceeding a reasonable level of use of the Service and consuming an unreasonable amount of storage for content beyond what the Service was designed to accommodate.
  • Making any network connections to hosts, systems, or networks for purposes of engaging in prohibited activities such as (i) crawling or monitoring our systems ,(ii) Denial of Service (DoS or DDoS) attacks, (iii) any intentional interference or use of flooding techniques for the purpose of overloading the system for the Service, and (iv) attempting to avoid or bypass system restrictions used to enforce limitations on use of the Service.
  • Uploading any harmful computer technology content that can interfere with or damage AIF’s systems or the Service, such as viruses, malware, worms, bots, scripts, exploits, Trojan horses, or other similar materials.

Monitoring and Enforcement

At our sole discretion and without affecting any other remedies available to us, AIF may choose to temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate your access to the Service or your account without any notice or liability if AIF determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated this AUP. In this AUP, the term “content” may include, without limitation:

  1. Any information within the system for the Service, such as data, images, video, graphics, audio, music, text, messages, software, scripts, code, interactive features, tags, metrics, or any other materials that are uploaded, posted, submitted, shared, or otherwise provided in any other manner to the Service.
  2. Any other data, content, or materials provided to AIF or used within the Service.

You acknowledge that any activity that we reasonably suspect violates any applicable law or regulation may be reported to the appropriate authorities, such as law enforcement, regulators, and officials. In reporting these violations, the information provided may require disclosure of relevant and appropriate user information or content. Depending on the specific violation, we may be required to cooperate with the appropriate law enforcement authorities, regulators, officials, and any other third parties to help with any investigation or prosecution of any illegal conduct by providing the relevant user information and content for the alleged violation of this AUP or the law.

Questions about this Policy

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